Tiny House Movement

Bryce Langston and Melissa Nickerson are on a mission – to simplify their lives by shrinking their living space.   The couple are driving force behind the project ‘Living Big In A Tiny House’, which aims to build and live in ‘tiny house’, to test out if having a simplified house means a simplified life.  Bryce and Melissa approached FRAMECAD, through our NZ Framing frame fabrication branch, to discuss how our detailing and designing, and frame fabrication and assembly skills could assist the project.

‘Tiny houses’, very small houses which are sometimes able to be move on a trailer have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years, especially in North America.  The combination of economic necessity and desire to live a less cluttered and more sustainable life has meant that small houses are on the rise.  When the ‘Living Big’ team approached NZ Framing, they had already done their research and knew that steel framing was what they wanted.

Our team provided the design and detailing for their small and unusual home, as well as producing and assembly the steel framing on their trailer, using FRAMECAD certified connectors and fasteners.

To read more about the project, click to the below YouTube links and visit the Tiny House Project page here 



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